About the brand

HAYYA Clothing was first founded back in 2019 in Montreal, Canada. As a hijabi herself, the creator of HAYAA would always struggle to find modest clothing. The challenge was to find some fashionable pieces with good quality fabric but also at affordable prices. Hijabis would moslty shop at high street stores, which do not always have modest clothing options.
This is where the idea of HAYAA came from.
We use premium quality fabrics that are going to last in your wardrobe. The cut we choose for each piece is a very important criteria. We make our clothing very easy to wear, to match; no matter your body shape.
Our products are very versatile. If you need a work outfit, we got you covered. A vacation dress? We have all the choice from colorful to plain dresses. A casual outfit for a day out? Choose from our jeans selection or sweaters.
Our goal is to offer all types of clothing, because each one of us has her own unique style.
And to all our BOSS LADIES out there, we got you.
Zina-Founder of HAYAA
*If you want to be featured on our Instagram page or our website, don't hesitate to send us pictures wearing HAYAA or tag us on Instagram @hayaabrand !

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