Hijab Fabrics

With so many different fabrics on the market, we can easily get lost and not be able to recognize the best fabric for a Hijabi. It really depends on each and every person but they are some fabrics that are know to be easier to wear then other. Let's talk about that!


They're certainly the most popular. The fabric is very soft, stretchy and so comfortable. It's a light fabric that will remain in place without using any PINS, It provides comfort and you can easily wear it through any season. In summer it will absorb sweat easily and in winter it will still be very comfortable.



These got to be the most elegant ones for me. It wraps well in every way, it is very comfortable and very light weighted. This fabric is perfect for summer and hotter days as they are airy and sheer. Since they are see-through, you will need an undercap for sure. They are so many ways to wear them and  that's what's so fun!



They are different types of cotton hijabs, but the most popular one at the moment has to be the Crinkle Cotton. It's a very soft material, stretchy and non slip, which means no undercap needed. It's more of an everyday hijab for me since it's the one I wear the most. It gives a professional look while still being comfy and easy to wear. Depending on how you style it, sometimes it doesn't even need any pin.



Or what I call Crinkled hijabs. Those are very similar to the Chiffon fabric but it has a few differences. They are a bit heavier, have many crinkles but are still easy to wear. They do require an undercap as well since they are transparent, but they are very flowy and airy, perfect for hotter weather.



Not my personal favourites, but they are still popular, especially this summer as they can be worn as hijabs but also as an accessory (over a shirt, around the neck, around your bag's handle,...). Depending on your face shapes, those could be a go to for you. They are a little hot for summer since it's a thick fabric, but I've seen many Hijabis rock them.


In conclusion, they are SO many other fabrics like the Pashmina, Viscose, Linen,... But I think those are the most popular for now, especially this summer. 

Let me know what are your personal favourites and if you got any hijabs from Hayaa, tags us on IG to be featured on our page!

Stay safe sisters!xoxo

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