Best fabrics for summer

I don't know about you but living in Montreal can be very hard as a hijabi. Winters are so cold and just when you think it's over, summer gets so hot and humid making it very hard to decide what to wear.

Some fabrics are known to be very hot especially in a humid cities like Montreal. Other are breathable fabrics that allows your skin to break and not sweat as much. Here are some tips I tend to follow during hot weather like this year which have helped me a lot.


Cotton Jersey Fabric 60" Wide $7.99/Yard 95% Cotton 5% Spandex

Cotton is one of the best fabrics for hot weather. It is a natural fibre that's breathable, light and allows air to circulate and lets your skin breathe. It also soaks up sweat. It is available ev

erywhere and is perfect for hot summer days. Make sure to always go for the 100% cotton (all natural). Although it does have some inconvenients as well. Because it soaks up the sweat, it could get heavy if you sweat a lot during the day. It would also show sweats marks on your armpits. So make sure to always go for lighter colours. 



Grey Linen Fabric in Wider Width • Vritti Designs

Linen is a natural very light, flowy and loose fabric that helps heat to escape your body on a hot summer day. It absorbs sweat easily and dries very quickly keeping you cool all day long. The  only negative point about linen is that it tends to wrinkle easily. But some people like it especially on dress as it doesn't look ugly or underdressed. 


JERSEYChocolate Jersey Hijab

Jersey shirts and dresses are very popular during summer time. Jersey is a man-made fabric made from wool, cotton and synthetic fibres. It is comfortable for summer days as it's a light fabrics. Most hijabis prefer wearing jersey hijabs during summer as they are very flowy and easy to wear. 



Some fabrics are known to be hot. They won't absorb sweat and won't allow your skin to breathe meaning you would always be hot. Most of those fabrics are synthetic like nylon, polyester, rayon, denim and more. & Other Stories recycled nylon tiered trapeze maxi dress in blue | ASOS

Nylon clothes will trap heat and sweat against your skin as it's not a breathable material. Polyester is a water resistant material which means it does not absorb any form of moisture leaving you you skin all sticky on hot days. Rayon is a man-made fabric made from cotton, wood pulp and synthetic fibres like polyester which is a water resistant material. Denim is a very heavy fabric that is not breathable nor stretchy: the worst combo for a hot day. 

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In conclusion, natural fabrics are breathable and absorb heat and sweat in general. They are the best options for summer either if your are looking for dresses or shirts: that is your go to!

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