Let's talk skincare!

Now that we're in the middle of winter and still in the middle of COVID 😑, most of us (including myself) have been breaking out. Our skin is very sensitive, especially during winter as it gets colder and dryer. We may not feel it or understand it, but every little stress we go through affects our whole body internally. This could be one of the reasons why your skin is breaking out.


Although we don't have direct control on stressful situations, we can control other things that will help our skin on a longterm basis. You may have heard it a 1000 times, but a good diet with exercising is a key solution to clear skin. I am not a nutritionist myself but over time, I developed some things that really helped get through my bad skin phase. And maybe (hopefully), it will help you too!


First you should get checked by a professional!!! This is so important. What I did is I check with gynecologist, and we found out I had hormone problems. She was able to help me out and found exactly what was working for me.

Second important thing is your diet! Some people are made to eat burger & fries (not me😔), it just works for them and their skin & body are not affected. But again every person is different. For me, I noticed that sugar would make my skin break out like crazy, especially sweets (goodbye Hershey's). So I had to cut on certain things or at least eat them with precaution.

Exercise is also very important as we all know, since it cleanses your body from all toxins. Paired with drinking lots of water (for my height and weight, I was advised to drink around 2.5L a day), this will help clear out & detoxify your skin.

Lastly, your skincare routine. As you may have seen on our IG account, I shared several of my favourite products I use on a daily basis. It took me a long time to find the correct products that work for me. Some products I used were too harsh for my skin, other gave me allergies & other made my skin break out even more. It is a long process but once you find what's best for you, your skin will thank you.

I will share my all time favourite products below:

-Micellar water: I use either Marcelle micellar water for oily skin or Vichy "eau micellaire minérale"



-Cleanser: Cerave Foaming cleanser for natural to oily skin



-Toner: I don't usually use toner since I feel it doesn't change anything but lately I have been using Kiel's Ultra facial toner



-Spot treatment: I use Paula's choice 2% BHA liquid exfoliator. I apply it 1-2 times a week on pimples.




-Serum: I have been using Hayaa facial advanced serum for over 5 months now and it helped me so much. It keeps my skin hydrated and shiny. I use morning & night.


-Cream: I am not able to stick to one cream. I always switch up creams once every 2 months. My favourites are: Cerave (all Cerave products work wonders on my skin), Laneige water bank, Cetaphil face cream,.. Hopefully I was able to help some of you.





If ever you use some products I recommended let me know it the comments. Stay safe!😘

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