Summer essentials

Every summer, there are some unique pieces you should have in your wardrobe. For me, this season is the best to try different outfits as a hijbabi, especially in Canada. It is also so fun to match different things together that you wouldn't normally do during winter. In here we'll talk about summer essentials, but also summer 2021 fashion in terms of colours, trends, and fabrics.




White oversized pearly shirt

As we all know, everyone NEEDS a white blouse. No matter the fabric, the length, the style, it is a MUST in your wardrobe. Whatever the season, it goes well with almost everything. You can wear it with a pair of jeans, trousers, with skirts, over a dress, under a dress,... So many options to make you look casual or classy depending on how you wear it. Here are 3 of our white shirts on Hayaa.



We've all seen them, either online, at the store or basically everywhere. Pastel colours are this season's must. If you have green, pink, lilac, yellow: JUST ROCK IT. This applies to every piece of clothing and accessory such as jeans, blazers, shirts, dresses, bags, sunnies, earrings,... These pastel colours can also be matched together, you don't specifically have to wear them with jeans only. Some of my favourites matches have to be light green and lilac, lilac and yellow, pink and yellow, blue and yellow. There are so many options. I will link so of my favourites on Pinterest below.[]=pastel%7Cautocomplete%7C3&term_meta[]=colors%7Cautocomplete%7C3&term_meta[]=fashion%7Cautocomplete%7C3




Skirts are officially back this year. Satin skirts, pleated skirts, mid-skirts; they are so timeless. They can be transitioned from Spring to Summer up until Fall. You can wear them with sandals, heels for date night, sneakers for a night out. They are so easy to accessorize and match.




As you have seen them EVERYWHERE, they are a must for this summer. Either short or long, matched with sneakers, heels or sandals, for a date night or just a casual day, they are perfect and so easy to wear as they are very modest. You can also find them in different cuts and models and sometimes, you will find them with no sleeves. As a hijabi, you can easily wear them with a balloon shirt underneath, and it makes the dress stand out more. You can shop many dresses directly on our website!





So feminine and very stylish, suits can now be match with almost everything. What's good with sets is that you can either match them together: the suit can be worn with jeans, dresses, skirts,... Pants can be matched with shirts or blouses. There are so many options. Check out our IG for an upcoming video on different ways to style suits.

In conclusion for this summer, just DARE the colours: bold or pastel, nude or bright. Give it all.

See you on my next article. Stay safe beauties!xoxo


PS: some pictures are from Pinterest.

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